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Artist statement

For me, it has always been very important to explore the limits of my own abilities as an artist. The search for new directions for development, new themes, the discovery of new means of expression is an important part of my path in the world of art. In this sense, change is an important element of the creative process. And at the moment my creative research goes mainly in two directions. One is in the field of collage and the other in the field of abstraction and the study of color. This enriches me as an artist and opens new horizons for me.



/abstract artworks, mixed media & resin on canvas/



The word "Light" holds an extremely positive power in itself. It is the intangible energy that underlies our existence. One of the main characteristics of light in terms of perception by the human eye is color.

For Kandinsky, color is both form and content, it is a tool, not a means of expression. Its psychological and even physical impact is well known. In chromotherapy, for example, colored light can have a particular effect on the entire human body. In general, color is a tool that has a direct effect on the soul.

Very close to my sensitivity is the understanding that the harmony of colors must be based on the principle of the appropriate touch of the human soul. But every human soul is unique, it feels and perceives the world in its unique way. In this case, the challenge for the artist is exceptional. Conveying a personal emotion and history to the viewer through color is a special kind of experiment.

Intuition is leading in "listening" to the music of color. The shape follows the process as I build successive layers of lines, intertwining and influencing each other, to achieve a rich interaction of color, shape and rhythm. 

I try to create a sense of space and movement, of a "self-organizing" system. The use of a specific technique (epoxy resin) to isolate the painting layer is a particularly sought-after effect. This creates a kind of a "distance" between the viewer and the surface of the canvas (painting), just as light can be seen but cannot be touched. Starting from the physical meaning of the concept of "Light" to reach its mystical and spiritual essence.


"Collage poetry"

/pop art artworks, mixed media, collage & acrylic on canvas/


Sources of inspiration can be many, everywhere and different. I don't like to set limits. My collages are usually told stories or a collection of stories. For example my "City series" of stylized flowers, hearts or purely geometric compositions have metaphorical, poetic and lyrical meaning and are inspired by my travels to world-famous metropolises such as Paris, New York, London, Venice, Rome, Barcelona and other equally exciting cities. These my collages are a mixture, "patchwork" of "found" old and new tickets, postcards, stickers, flyers and other, and of course captured by my camera fragments from the urban environment.

Dreams can also be an incredible source of inspiration. Mixing past and present, dreams and reality is my favorite formula.


My collages of magazine covers, posters, etc. are another direction for me in the vast world of collage.  
I prefer not to have a favorite topic. This makes me feel equally committed to each one. I am interested in topics in which there is a story about the love of something, stories in which the freedom of the human spirit are felt.
I don't have a specific favorite collage. In all the things that have happened and from which I am satisfied as a final result, I have left feelings, emotions, experiences, dreams. What they have in common is that they are entirely positive. I would be very happy if they were passed on to the audience. I accept my work as a kind of a sharing of positive emotions.



1993 – graduated from National Academy of Fine Arts in Sofia, Bulgaria, Europe, 
1994 – member of the Association Internationale des Arts Plastiques / AIAP /


Selected exhibitions  / solo and group / :

2023 -   Galerie Saint Martin, Arcachon, Saint Tropez, Courchevel, Megeve,
             Cap Feret, France, Group Show:

             Whistler Contemporary, Whistler, BC, Canada, Group Show;
             Royal Street Fine Art, Aspen, CO, USA, Group Show;
             Rakursi Art Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria;

             Intro Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria, Group Show:

2022 -   Whistler Contemporary, Whistler, BC, Canada, Group Show;
             Art Symbol Gallery, Paris, France, Group Show;
2021 -   Whistler Contemporary, Whistler, BC, Canada, Group Show;

             Art Symbol Gallery, Paris, France, Group Show;
             Rakursi Art Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria;
2020 -   Art Symbol Gallery, Paris, France, Group Show:

    Whistler Contemporary, Whistler, BC, Canada, Group Show;
2019 -   Whistler Contemporary, Whistler, BC, Canada, Group Show;
ext Art Miami & Art New York, represented by
       Hazelton Fine Art Galleries, Toronto, Canada;
             Art Symbol Gallery, Paris, France, Group Show; 
             Art Palm Springs, California, USA,  represented by                                                 Axiom Contemporary, Santa Monica, USA ; 
2018 -   Affordable Art Fair, New York City, Hong Kong, London, -
             represented by Axiom Contemporary, Santa Monica, USA ; 

   Art Symbol Gallery, Paris, France, Group Show,       
2017 -   Art Symbol Gallery, Paris, France, Group Show,
             Rakursi Art Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria;
2016 -   Art Symbol Gallery, Paris, France;

             Art Catto Gallery, Loule, Portugal,  Group show;
2015 -   Catto Gallery, London, Great Britain, Group show,
             Art Symbol Gallery, Paris, France, Group Show, 
2014 -   Mensing Gallery, Germany, Group show,
             Art Symbol Gallery, Paris, France, Group Show,
2013 -   Art Symbol Gallery, Paris, France
2012 -   Art Symbol Gallery, Paris, France;
             Artur Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria;
2011 -   Art Symbol Gallery, Paris, France, Group Show, 
             Rakursi Art Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria;

2010 -   Art Symbol Gallery, Paris, France, Group Show,
             Atomium Expo Grand Palais, Brusselles, Belgium, 
             represented by Art Symbol Gallery, Paris, France ;
   Art Forum Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria
2009 -  Art Symbol Gallery, Paris, France, Group Show, 
             Vidima Gallery, Sevlievo, Bulgaria;   
             Savchevi Gallery, Oryahovo, Bulgaria;
2008 -   Art Symbol Gallery, Paris, France ;
             Le Papillon Gallery, Varna, Bulgaria
2007 -   Art Symbol Gallery, Paris, France ;
             Atomium Expo Grand Palais, Bruxelles, Belgium
2006 -   Art Symbol Gallery, Paris, France, Group Show, 
             Espai G d’Art Gallery, Terassa, Spain, Group Show, 
Rakursi Art Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria
-   Palais Porcia, Vienne, Austria,  Group Show, 
             Solers Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria
2003 -   Russian Academy of Fine Arts, Moscow, Russia, Group Show;
             French Institute, Sofia, Bulgaria;;
             Antoni Pinyol Gallery, Reus, Spain,  Group Show; 
2002 -  Stenton Gallery, Edinburgh, Scotland,  Group Show, 
2001 -  Nylon Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey,  Group Show, 
            Sharon Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria ;
1998 -  La Galeria Samuel Menache, Mexico City, Mexico ;
            Solers Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria
1997 -  Alternative Gallery, Prague, Czech Republic
1996 -  Melon Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria ;
            I International Triennial, Sofia, Bulgaria
1995 -  Arosita Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria ;
1994 -  Studio Specter Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria

1993 -
 Vitosha Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria

Prizes and specializations:

1995 -  Prize for painting of the Union of Bulgarian Artists ; 
2006 - Specialization at Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris, France

Paintings in private collections in Europe, Australia, Canada, Japan,
Hong Kong, United States, in the private collection of Hugo Voeten,
the collection of New Bulgarian University & National Gallery of Fine Arts, Sofia, Bulgaria



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